Super-Wide Band
Automotive Hands-Free Calls,
DSP Software by Alango
Ambient Sounds
without External Microphones
Personalized Amplified Transparency
for conversation and hearing enhancement
TEAMS certified voice calls
Powered by Alango Voice Defender™
DSP technology
Sound reinforcement technology
for In Cabin Communication (ICC)
The ultimate 4 microphone
noise reduction for headphones
Crystal clear voice calls
no matter where you are
Making products sound personal
You’ll find Alango’s DSP algorithms and software in many applications and products that require enhancements of voice intelligibility, speech recognition, user hearing, and audio perception...
Alango Technologies has developed the most extensive portfolio of front-end speech processing technologies on the market. ...
Millions of communication products in the field utilize Alango’s DSP processing software.
Alango’s technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience...
Here you'll find news articles about Alango products and technologies, a calendar of upcoming events and trade shows, past newsletters, and more...
What's new
Press Releases
Jul.12, 2024

This collaboration benefits vehicle OEMs and their Tear 1 suppliers simplifying the integration times while improving the overall system performance...

Events Calendar
Mar.7, 2024

Alango Technologies will be attending the Global Audio Summit (GAS) on March 27-28 in Shanghai, China. This is an important event for the audio industry in China, which is not well known outside...

Events Calendar
Nov.15, 2023

For those of you attending CES 2024 please reach out to schedule an appointment. Technical staff will be on hand at FLAMINGO HOTEL to answer questions and perform demonstrations...

Press Releases
Jun.16, 2023

OPPO joins a number of technology start-ups at VivaTech to show how innovation can create a better future...

Company News
Jun.12, 2023

An independent laboratory has generated a report verifying the compliance of Alango’s Super-Wide Band under ITU-T P.1120...

Press Releases
Apr.25, 2023

Alango Technologies announces that its VoiceDefender has passed the TEAMS certification...

Company News
Mar.28, 2023
Alango Technologies is exhibiting and presenting at the Global Audio Summit organized by the China Audio Industry Association...
Press Releases
Mar.13, 2023

Realtek Semiconductor and Alango Technologies, Ltd. have announced a collaboration to provide a joint solution that delivers the PersonaSound™...

Events Calendar
Feb.22, 2023

Alango will demonstrate DSP technologies running on the Tensilica HiFi core at partner Cadence Design Systems (Hall 4, Booth 4-122)...

Events Calendar
Jan.24, 2023

Boosting conversation (hearing enhancement); Enhancing voice preprocessing for TWS and on/over ear headphones; Ambient sound...

Events Calendar
Nov.27, 2022

For those of you attending CES2023 please reach out to schedule and appointment. Hearing enhancement, enhancement voice clarity...

Events Calendar
Jun.1, 2022

Alango will demonstrate DSP technologies running on the Tensilica HiFi core at partner Cadence Design Systems (Hall 4, Booth 4-122)...

Company News
Nov.22, 2021

The newly released Alango BeHear SMARTO has won the 2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ in the Personal Listening Device...

Press Releases
Jul.1, 2021

Enabling rapid development of high-performance, multi-mic voice conferencing solutions. . . (read more)

Press Releases
Jun.30, 2021

A set of software technologies for full-featured, customer-fit hearing personalization and amplification. . .

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