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For many people driving and listening to the car stereo system are inseparable. Alango’s SonicVibrance has been designed to enhance the user’s listening pleasure on the road.

Many of the existing solutions on the market pass off frequency equalization or simple dynamic range compression as music enhancement. SonicVibrance™ truly enhances the music through the optimization of stereo, spectral enhancement, and bass and loudspeaker correction.



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SonicVibrance enriches the audio experience by addressing the inherent drawbacks and limitations of a given listening environment by dynamically enhancing perceived audio quality. Its unique capabilities allow for flexible adjustments to the stereo image, balancing of the frequency response, and refined addition of bass without overloading the speakers. The result is undistorted, natural sound.

  Automatic Volume & Equalization (AVQ)  

AVQ modifies the loudspeaker signal according to the level and spectrum of ambient noise, ensuring perceptually equal loudness and intelligibility under dynamically changing conditions (street, bus, train, etc.). AVQ receives a noise estimation signal originating from the microphone that picks up the ambient acoustic noise.

  Multi-Channel Dynamic Range Processor (MDRP)  

MDRP provides dynamic range processing for both the individual frequency sub-bands and for the audio signal over the entire frequency range. MDRP is the key component of digital signal processing for hearing loss compensation used in hearing assistance and hearing enhancement. MDRP is also an important component of loudspeaker correction related adjustments.


VoiceFirst technology improves speech intelligibility in movies, shows, and sporting events by suppressing background noise, audio effects, and music. VoiceFirst not only improves dialogue intelligibility, but also reduces user fatigue caused by excessive sound effects, making video content more enjoyable.

  EasyListen™ (EL)   EasyListen is a real-time technology that dynamically slows down incoming speech so that it becomes natural and intelligible. EasyListen is language independent and works equally well with Western and Eastern tonal languages.





  • Dramatically improves the audio experience on the road.
  • SonicVibrance makes in-car music more enjoyable by brightening vocals, enhanceing bass, and widening the stereo field.



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