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Music Enhancement → SonicVibrance™

The number and kinds of Bluetooth portable speakers, in particular, attest to the growing and insatiable appetite for audio. People love music and are drawn to different devices to heighten their listening pleasure wherever they go. Alango’s SonicVibrance has been designed to enhance the user’s listening pleasure specifically for headphones and portable speakers.

Many of the existing solutions on the market pass off frequency equalization or simple dynamic range compression as music enhancement. SonicVibrance truly enhances the music, especially for low cost portable audio devices, through the optimization of stereo, spectral enhancement, and bass and loudspeaker correction.

Portable Audio Alertness → ListenThrough™

Important environmental sounds can be almost completely attenuated while listening to music with headphones or earbuds. Hundreds of people are injured every year while wearing headphones or earbuds simply because they were cut off from environmental sounds. With Alango ListenThrough™ technology it is possible to listen to music, but still be aware of environment. ListenThrough™ is an alertness feature that allows headphones to pass through only the important sounds without compromising the music experience.



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  Stereo Normalizer  

Improves perceived stereo effect by dynamically optimizing (widening or narrowing) stereo image according to user preferences, listening environment and the audio signal. The audio content is analyzed in real time increasing stereo depth of “flat” recordings and conversely narrowing excessively wide stereo providing equally pleasant music listening with loudspeakers or headphones.

  Spectral Compander  

Adds details and brightness to the sound by reducing short-time spectral variance. Weak frequency regions are dynamically amplified increasing perceived brightness of audio while even small nuances and passages are preserved and emphasized.

  Bass Enhancer  

Creates deeper, richer sound by boosting up the bass line and simultaneously performing bass limitation preventing sound from saturating and overloading the speaker and power amplifier.


Automatic Volume and eQualization for Music Enhancement amplifies and equalizes sound according to the ambient noise characteristics providing equal perceptual loudness, intelligibility and sound coloration in conditions where noise level and spectrum are changing dynamically.

  Loudspeaker Correction   Correction of loudspeaker amplitude and phase responses for the reproduction of natural sound.  





Acoustic Feedback Suppression  (AFC)


Eliminates feedback loop between the speakers and microphones.

  Noise Suppressor (NS)  

Detects and attenuates stationary and transient noises (below a set threshold).


A “smart algorithm” for headphones that allows important environmental sounds (alarm, car horn, train, etc.) to be passed through so that the user can listen to their music and and also remain aware of their environment.

  Frequency Equalizer (EQ)  

Allows fine frequency adjustment of microphone frequency response with high frequency resolution.

  Intelligent Mixer   The Intelligent Mixer receives a stereo audio signal and the signal from the ListenThrough block and mixes them according to to respective amplitudes ensuring that important environmental sounds are not too loud while not masked by loud music.  






SonicVibrance™ dramatically improves audio performance especially of low cost portable devices.

ListenThrough™ facilitates enjoyment of music while remaining aware of important environmental sounds.

AVQ-Me™ provides an efficient “hands-free” alternative to manual volume and frequency equalizer adjustment dependent on ambient noise changes.



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