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Alango’s Voice Communication Package (VCP) is the voice enhancement solution in over 20 million vehicles on the road. Alango’s VCP ensures that the vehicle occupants are heard clearly via the automotive hands free system - utilizing the vehicles microphones and speakers – by mitigating against echo and noise as well as adjusting gains and frequency equalization.

Alango’s VCP, supporting 24kHz sampling rate, is compliant with Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto connectivity protocols.

Alango VCP is fully compliant with ITU-T P.1100/P.1110 and VDA 1.6 specifications. 



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  Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM)  

Two or more microphones in the car cabin are positioned to adaptively discriminate between speech and noise utilizing Alango's beamforming algorithms.

  Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)  

Automotive class "Type 1" full duplex echo cancellation is achieved with Alango. Easily configured and tuned to different auto interiors.

  Noise Suppressor (NS)  

Reduces car cabin noise in the microphone and loudspeaker signals. Alango fine resolution NS allows up to 24dB noise suppression without introducing noticeable voice distortion.

  Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Dynamic Range Compressor (DRC)  

Equalizes voice levels in the microphone and loudspeaker signals ensuring clear intelligibility. Alango AGC technology is robust to ambient noises and allows fast signal equalization (~200ms) without increasing ambient noises.

  Frequency Equalizer (EQ)  

Allows fine frequency adjustment of microphone and loudspeaker frequency responses with high frequency resolution.


Slows down incoming speech in real time improving intelligibility of fast talkers, foreign language, mailbox and numbers.

  Automatic Volume & Equalization (AVQ)  

Modifies the loudspeaker signal according to the ambient noise level and spectrum providing perceptually equal loudness and intelligibility in variable driving conditions (speed, type of road, rain, open window, etc.).

  Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)   PLC is a techniques used to mask the effects of lost or discarded packets. The objective of PLC is to reconstruct a synthetic signal to cover missing data in a received bit stream and thus hide transmission losses.    





  • Superb echo cancellation and noise reduction performance with relatively modest computational resources.
  • Easy to configure, tune and implement.
  • Value-added unique technologies and advanced features.



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