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What really makes it a smart-phone? There are a multitude of ever increasing smartphone applications being introduced but these devices are still…phones. Alango’s fundamental solution for the smartphone enables the user to be heard clearly and absent of echo. Simply put, when you speak from a noisy environment, they will hear you loud and clear; and when they speak, you will hear them loud and clear and their voice will not echo back to them. This is known as Voice Enhancement and its Alango’s primary mission because if we do not succeed then the device is not a real phone and it certainly is not smart.

Alango’s Voice Enhancement technology has advanced over the years with the implementation of multi-microphone systems for improved voice call quality in close talk mode and speakerphone mode. Furthermore, these advanced implementations have translated to improvements in Voice Recognition Enhancement. For instance, the user can utter a voice trigger and question or command from across the room, which the smartphone will “hear” and “understand” thanks to the microphone array implementation of Alango. That is indeed a smart phone.

Smartphones are in fact much more than just phones, which is why Alango has developed technologies to differentiate your smartphone form others. This includes Alango’s Audio Enhancement solution (SonicVibrance) and specialized technologies for personalizing the specific user’s audio experience (PersonaSound). Alango’s mission is to help make your smartphone the smartest-phone.












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