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Wireless microphones are widely used in challenging acoustic environments to capture audio. While they reduce distance between the sound source and recorder, enhancing signal-to-noise ratio and reducing reverberation, demanding conditions may require additional digital signal processing to further mitigate captured noise, reverberation, and other interferences. However, this audio processing can increase system latency, which creates a diminished listening experience. An example of this problem is the lip-sync error, where speech lags the speaker's lips. Alango's ongoing efforts aim to address this issue with a patent-pending solution offering a better than 40Hz frequency resolution of noise reduction and other signal processing with ultra-low latency of less than 1 millisecond. This solution benefits real-time communication applications like podcasting and online teaching or any scenario that requires high signal-to-noise with low latency.





In wireless microphone systems, the inclusion of two or more microphones is frequently essential. The utilization of multiple microphones enhances the system's adaptability and versatility across diverse applications. For instance, in panel discussions or interviews, the allocation of individual microphones to each participant facilitates precise audio capture, fostering clear communication while mitigating the risk of crosstalk. However, merely mixing multiple signals in a straightforward manner can be indiscriminate, as it overlooks the relative signal-to-noise levels of each microphone. To address this challenge, our proprietary VocalMerge™ DSP software technology has been developed. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates multiple voice signals into a singular, coherent output, all while maintaining minimal latency. VocalMerge™ intelligently compensates for individual channel delays and meticulously adjusts for channel imbalances, ensuring optimal audio quality and clarity in every scenario.



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  Noise Suppressor  

Reduces ambient noise in the microphone signal. Alango fine resolution NS allows up to 24dB noise suppression without introducing noticeable voice distortion.

  Frequency Equalizer (EQ)  

Allows fine frequency adjustment of microphone frequency response with high frequency resolution.

  Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Dynamic Range Compressor (DRC)   Equalizes voice levels in the microphone. Alango AGC technology is robust to ambient noises and allows fast signal equalization (~200ms) without increasing ambient noises.  





  • Flexible implementation and optimal usage of available resources.
  • Portable to all major computational platforms.


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