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Multiband Dynamic Range Processing (MDRP) modifies the signal amplitudes of frequency channels according to their input amplitudes and the predefined MDRP characteristic.
MDRP facilitates sound personalization, hearing loss compensation, hearing protection, loudspeaker correction and protection.









Dynamic range of audio content is the difference between the lowest and the maximum signal levels over a time interval. Dynamic range processing (DRP) is a sound manipulation that modifies the dynamic range of the input signal according to a pre-defined law with the aim to achieve a different dynamic range characteristic (e.g. amplifying the weak sounds and preserving the loud ones). In hearing aids, DRP is provided for restoring normal loudness of low level sounds without making the high-level sounds uncomfortably loud. For portable loudspeakers, where audio content with wide dynamic range is reproduced poorly due to the physical restrictions of the speakers, control over the dynamic range is an essential feature, aimed to optimize the sound and improve the listening experience.

Alango DRP (Dynamic Range Processing) is a versatile and highly customizable technology for adjusting the dynamic range of the audio signal. DRP allows dynamic range processing for multiple individual frequency sub-channels and wideband dynamic range processing of the resultant signal. The DRP mechanism is comprised of two general processing stages: MDRP (Mutiband DRP) and WDRP (Wideband DRP). On the MDRP stage, the wideband signal frame is analysed, split into several frequency sub-channels, processed and resynthesized into a single wideband output frame. On the following WDRP stage the new gain values are calculated and applied to create a new output sample.




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  • Hearables
  • Audio systems
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Music recording equipment
  • Loudspeakers correction


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