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Voice Communication Package (VCP) is a universal software package of digital signal processing technologies for voice applications enabling high quality, full duplex, and noise free communication from various environments. VCP enabled devices can be used in different applications, scenarios and modes. Users of mobile phones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth headsets and speakers, voice activated devices, industrial intercoms and other types of voice terminals will all benefit from VCP quality.



VCP Components


VCP includes a number of signal processing blocks. The basic VCP version includes components required by virtually all voice communication devices. Add-on components provide the user with additional benefits and can be enabled or disabled depending on the required functionality and available DSP resources.




Basic version of VCP includes the following signal processing blocks on transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) channels:

All signal processing blocks are optional and can be enabled or disabled depending on the required functionality and available DSP resources.

 Add-on VCP components provide advanced functionality that is not necessarily present in voice communication terminals. Currently the following add-on components are available:



Technical Information



  • Echo canceller
    • Fast convergence (< 300ms) with no initial echo
    • Convergence in double talk and high noise
    • Robustness to speaker signal distortions
    • Long echo tail (up to 1000ms)
    • Residual echo level < -60dB
  • Noise suppression
    • Noise suppression with high frequency resolution
    • Up to 30dB noise reduction with low distortions
    • Fast noise adaptation (as low as 100ms for transient noises)
  • Maximal AGC gain of 24dB
  • Processing delay 24ms
  • Supported sampling rates: 8kHz, 16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz
  • Fully compliant with ITU automotive specifications


VCP is available* on the following platforms:

  • ARM cores (all types)
  • CEVA TeakLite III, IV
  • Renesas SuperH family
  • Synopsys ARC cores
  • Cadence (Tensilica) HiFi2, HiFi3, HiFi4, HiFi5
  • Analog Devices SHARC
  • CSR BlueCore5 Multimedia, CSR 8670/8675 (with Kalimba DSP)

* Implementation and availability of specific VCP blocks may differ between platforms. Please, contact Alango technical support for specific information.

Porting on other platforms can be performed quickly.



Additional Information


VCP Leaflet (PDF)

Please contact us for more information, current MIPS/memory consumption, audio examples and real time demo availabilities.



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