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Alango Hearing Enhancement Package (HEP) is a licensable software reference design encompassing three categories of functionality:

  • hearing enhancement,
  • assistive listening,
  • and advanced Bluetooth headset.

The class of device that this enables is known as a “hearable”. The possibilities for hearables – far beyond audio consumption and hands-free telephony - are just now beginning to be realized.

The human ear is a wonderful “device” allowing to obtain precise data on pulse, blood pressure, head motion and other body parameters. However, we believe that hearing itself is the most promising application of the hearable. The ability to hear is a gift that allows us to experience the richness of life. The ability to hear well in all situations and for all audio content is what we want to restore for those who have hearing problems. That’s the inspiration that fuels HEP.



Smart Hearables: a New Approach to Hearing Loss





  Medical devices
Social stigma of being old or handicapped
  Consumer Electronics
Stylish, used by many, associated with being young
  Professional fitting only
Takes a long time, not always availaible
  Self-test & autofit
Easy, intuitive smartphone app
  Limited sound quality
Designed for voice, not music
  Full music sound quality
Full spectrum sound with hi quality speakers
  Very Expensive
Priced like jewelry items
  Affordable as Bluetooth headsets
Based on consumer electronics components and manufacturing




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You can learn more about Hearing Enhancement Package (formerly "HearPhones") in the presentation below and in the applications section of our website.

In addition to Hearing Enhancement Package, Alango offers its AmpliPhones™ solution that includes the basic functionality necessary for personal sound amplification products.


Hearing Enhancement Technologies. PersonaSound
(Marketing presentation. PDF)



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