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Apr.14, 2024

User's voice signal from the helmet vibrations. It works!


Vibration sensors can pick up speech signals by detecting tiny vibrations of any surface caused by sound. One example is bone-conducted vibrations triggered by the user’s voice and detected by the sensor mounted in an earpiece. In the video Dr. Alexander Goldin recorded at Knowles Corporation booth at the Global Audio Summit in Shanghai in March 2024, the sensor was mounted in a helmet that picked up the vibrations of his skull during his talk.

Mar.5, 2024

Augmenting Consumer Electronics Products with Hearing Aid Technology


This insightful talk looks at the seamless merging of two worlds and highlights the remarkable opportunities this presents for auditory health. Discover how this integration enhances the user experience and provides new possibilities for consumer electronics products that help more than just the hard of hearing hear better in challenging situations. 

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