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Feb.8, 2024

Alango In-Car Karaoke software in the Changan X7 SUV

Car OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers should explore integrating In-Car Karaoke (ICK) into infotainment systems to elevate the in-car experience. This video showcases Alango's ICK software implemented in the Changan X7.

Aug.14, 2023

AI Helping People to Hear Better. WAIC 2023

Watch this video on Alango Youtube Channel

Dr. Alexander Goldin delivered this keynote address at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai in July 2023. In this talk, Dr. Goldin, the founder and CEO of Alango Technologies, talks about the global problem of hearing loss and the limitations of existing solutions to solve it for the majority of people who need it...

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Voice Enhancement

Acoustic echo, background noise and reverberation significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal...

Speech Recognition Enhancement

Automatic speech recognition technology has improved and has excellent performance when...

Hearing Enhancement

Approximately 600 million people in the world have a hearing impairment, 90% of them do not use...

Audio Enhancement

Alango technologies truly enhance the music beyond range compression and frequency equalization...

Sound Reinforcement Technologies

Additional Technologies

Alango Short-Range Sound Modem (SRSM) technology allows for transferring arbitrary digital data...

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Trade shows are unique opportunities to bridge people and technologies...
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