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Feb.16, 2021
TeddyTalks: TWS Voice Enhancement w/ Bone Conduction Sensors--Alango OnlyVoice Webinar (11-Feb-2021)

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0:52​ - Presentation // using OnlyVoice mockup, 2+1 output)
9:05​ - Demonstration // OnlyVoice vs. 2-mic beamforming vs. 1-mic raw)
18:46​ - Q&A // with Alex Radzishevsky, Director of Product Development & Chief Audio Engineer at Alango Technologies

Webinar recorded live on 11 Feb. 2021

Find out how to enable next-gen voice clarity on TWS headsets in noisy environments with Alango OnlyVoice technology. OnlyVoice combines the best of dual-mic beamforming with the isolated, internal speech signal acquired via bone conduction sensor. This webinar introduces the underlying concepts of the technology, and gives a live demonstration of OnlyVoice processing under different noise conditions.

The demo is shown running on an ST Microelectronics Discovery board (Arm Cortex M4). OnlyVoice is also available for release on the Qualcomm QCC5141 platform, and we would be happy to work with you to integrate it to another platform. (Our QCC5141-based demo kit, while not shown in this video, is also available for live demonstration over phone call or videoconference.)

Convinced yet? To find out how add OnlyVoice technology to your next product, please contact us.

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