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Sep.12, 2022
Alango's BeHear™ Wins International Competition

Alango’s BeHear™ Wins International Competition As a licensor of software technologies for personalized amplification of hearables, Alango is thrilled to have been selected as one of 10 winners (out of 536 entrants) of the OPPO Research Institute competition. The submitted technology proposals were aimed at addressing some of society’s biggest challenges. Alango-BeHear is honored to have been recognized by OPPO and looks forward to using the program’s resources to expand access to hearing enhancement solutions worldwide.

Alango’s PersonaSound™ technology is what powers the award winning BeHear. Consumer Electronics OEM’s can license this solution to address the challenge and opportunity of personalizing hearing, audio, and voice (calls) to assist people and grow their market.

By offering self-fit hearing personalization in True Wireless Stereo and other designs, OEMs can gain a competitive edge by offering products that delight their customers with full spectrum quality for all important sounds. Industry leaders such as Oppo have recognized the “virtuous innovation” in health and wellness hearables and BeHear, which offers consumer-tested, field-proven personalized hearing amplification. This software suite grants users the ability to easily custom fit and fine-tune the hearing amplification in minutes with a one-time, self-administered hearing assessment. Once fitting is complete, all sounds are personalized according to the user’s hearing profile—including live sounds, streamed audio, and mobile phone calls. Additional technologies for sound personalization can also be integrated, such as situational awareness, to pass important sounds through while listening to audio, and the ability to adjust the volume and spectrum of the audio depending on ambient noise conditions automatically.

Contact Alango to learn about incorporating the PersonaSound™ suite of technologies to power the coming wave of hearable devices.

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