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Jan.10, 2021
Voice Comes First: Enhance the dialogue in movies and TV shows with Alango VoiceFirst™ Technology
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Do you like watching movies, TV shows, or sports games on TV? Are you bothered by the constant struggle to hear and understand speech content at normal TV volume levels? Do you ever wish you could just turn down the sound effects (or background music, or laugh track, etc.) to make the dialogue easier to understand?

Alango VoiceFirst technology is here to help! VoiceFirst enhances speech intelligibility of TV, movies, and sports broadcasts by detecting and attenuating background sounds while preserving speech and dialogue. The technology is available for integration in TVs, soundbars, headphones, media streamers, and any other device where TV sound is played through.

More infomation on VoiceFirst can be found here: Technologies > Voice Enhancement > VoiceFirst

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