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Making it Personal.  That’s PersonaSound™.

Nowadays audio consumption is a one size fits all affair.  Certainly there are marketing and stylistic variations among multi-media players, smartphones, earphones, and headphones but the ability to personalize the user experience beyond the point of purchase is deficient.  The user experience is dictated by the device and subordinate to the environment.  Most significant is that there is little heed given to our individually unique auditory capacities beyond a simple frequency equalization. 

There is a chasm between device and user.  This is Personal to us since we specialize in the enhancement of voice, hearing, and audio.  This is why we are continually developing the concept of PersonaSound™, which is based on Alango’s core technologies.

PersonaSound™ is personalization of the audio experience according to…
  • hearing profile
  • device properties
  • external environment
PersonaSound™, because we…
  • are all different
  • use different devices
  • use these devices in different places

Whoever you are, wherever you are, celebrate our differences and make it Personal with PersonaSound™

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PersonaSound™ (Marketing presentation, PDF)

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