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Mobile VCP
Ultimate Noise Reduction and Voice Enhancement for Smartphones
Auto VCP
Digital Voice Enhancement Technologies
for Automotive Applications
Sound Reinforcement Technology
for In-Car Voice Communication
Advanced Hearing Enhancement Technologies for Consumer Electronics Products
Digital Sound Personalization
for Mobile Devices
You’ll find Alango’s DSP algorithms and software in many applications and products that require enhancements of voice intelligibility, speech recognition, user hearing, and audio perception...
Alango Technologies has developed the most extensive portfolio of front-end speech processing technologies on the market. ...
About us
Millions of communication products in the field utilize Alango’s DSP processing software.
Alango’s technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience...
News & Events
March 7 – 8. London. Meet us at Wearable Technology Show (WTS). Alango Technologies will present its Wear & Hear line of personalized hearing products…
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