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Feb.16, 2021

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Webinar recorded live on 11 Feb. 2021

0:52​ - Presentation // using OnlyVoice mockup, 2+1 output)
9:05​ - Demonstration // OnlyVoice vs. 2-mic beamforming vs. 1-mic raw)
18:46​ - Q&A // with Alex Radzishevsky, Director of Product Development & Chief Audio Engineer at Alango Technologies

Find out how to enable next-gen voice clarity on TWS headsets in noisy environments with Alango OnlyVoice technology. OnlyVoice combines the best of dual-mic beamforming with the isolated, internal speech signal acquired via bone conduction sensor. This webinar introduces the underlying concepts of the technology, and gives a live demonstration of OnlyVoice processing under different noise conditions.

The demo is shown running on an ST Microelectronics Discovery board (Arm Cortex M4). OnlyVoice is also available for release on the Qualcomm QCC5141 platform, and we would be happy to work with you to integrate it to another platform. (Our QCC5141-based demo kit, while not shown in this video, is also available for live demonstration over phone call or videoconference.) 

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OnlyVoice Prototype vs. AirPods Pro voice comparison video (mentioned at 3:10​)

Additional Information:

OnlyVoice™ with In-Ear Accelerometer

OnlyVoice™ with In-Ear Microphone

Jan.10, 2021

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Do you like watching movies, TV shows, or sports games on TV? Are you bothered by the constant struggle to hear and understand speech content at normal TV volume levels? Do you ever wish you could just turn down the sound effects (or background music, or laugh track, etc.) to make the dialogue easier to understand?

Alango VoiceFirst technology is here to help! VoiceFirst enhances speech intelligibility of TV, movies, and sports broadcasts by detecting and attenuating background sounds while preserving speech and dialogue. The technology is available for integration in TVs, soundbars, headphones, media streamers, and any other device where TV sound is played through.

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Additional Technologies
Alango Short-Range Sound Modem (SRSM) technology allows for transferring arbitrary digital data to a device via a narrowband voice acoustic channel. Integrated in Alango Voice Communication Package, it is also available as a standalone technology.
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Speech Recognition Enhancement
Automatic speech recognition technology has improved and has excellent performance when the human voice is in close proximity to the microphone. In other words, with good SNR – in the case of a close talk microphone – the ASR can perform quite admirably. But the SNR decreases as the distance between the voice and microphone increase. This challenge is only exacerbated with noise. Alango’s speech recognition enhancement dramatically improves the performance of automatic speech recognition technology.
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Voice Enhancement
Acoustic echo, background noise and reverberation significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal in telecommunication systems. Absolutely crucial technologies required for intelligible conversations over these systems are Alango’s echo cancellation and noise reduction. Additionally, Alango offers dual-microphone and multi-microphone beamforming, as well as bone conduction sensor voice processing to further discriminate voice from noise.
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Hearing Enhancement
Approximately 600 million people in the world have a hearing impairment, 90% of them do not use a Hearing Enhancement device due to cost, convenience, perception, or efficacy. Alango is positioned at the forefront of the consumerization of Hearing Enhancement, offering integrated cost-effective solutions with value added features for product differentiation and quick time to market.
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Audio Enhancement
Alango technologies truly enhance the music beyond range compression and frequency equalization. MuRefiner improves the listening experience through the optimization of stereo, spectral enhancement, and bass and loudspeaker correction.
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Trade Shows & Events
Trade shows are unique opportunities to bridge people and technologies. We network, learn and stay connected to our partners and customers.
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