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Aug.7, 2019

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Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to automatically control both the volume and equalization according to the noise characteristics of your environment? We at Alango have developed such technology--and we demonstrate it in this video.

Aug.19, 2018

Alango Voice Activity Detection (VAD) is an embedded DSP-based technology aimed to discriminate between the human speech and non-speech signal. The stand-alone VAD consumes very little power and allows “heavier” signal processing tasks (such as speech recognition) to cease activity and the DSP to sustain a low-power consumption mode as long as human voice activity is not detected. Alango VAD technology implements a proprietary high resolution spectrum noise estimation algorithm allowing reliable voice detection and keeping false detection rate low.

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Speech Recognition Enhancement
Automatic speech recognition technology has improved and has excellent performance when the human voice is in close proximity to the microphone. In other words, with good SNR – in the case of a close talk microphone – the ASR can perform quite admirably. But, the SNR decreases as the distance between the voice and microphone increase. This challenge is only exacerbated with noise. Alango’s speech recognition enhancement dramatically improves the performance of automatic speech recognition technology.
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Voice Enhancement
Acoustic echo, background noise and reverberation significantly degrade the quality of the voice signal in telecommunication systems. Absolutely crucial technologies required for intelligible conversations over these systems are Alango’s echo cancellation and noise reduction. Additionally, Alango offers dual-microphone and multi-microphone beamforming to further discriminate voice from noise.
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Hearing Enhancement
Approximately 600 million people in the world have a hearing impairment, 90% of them do not use a Hearing Enhancement device due to cost, convenience, perception, or efficacy. Alango is positioned at the forefront of the consumerization of Hearing Enhancement, offering integrated cost-effective solutions with value added features for product differentiation and quick time to market.
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Audio Enhancement
Alango technologies truly enhance the music beyond range compression and frequency equalization. MuRefiner improves the listening experience through the optimization of stereo, spectral enhancement, and bass and loudspeaker correction.
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Trade Shows & Events
Trade shows are unique opportunities to bridge people and technologies. We network, learn and stay connected to our partners and customers.
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