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Mar.26, 2018

Alango’s Sound Reinforcement Package (SRP) enables in-car voice communication from the driver to the rear passengers without the driver needing to raise her voice or turn around and face the passengers.

Nov.19, 2017

Do you like watching movies? Sporting events? TV shows? Have you noticed that they are getting noisier and noisier as time goes by, making it more and more difficult to follow the dialogue? Or, at least, is that what you feel is happening? If so, you may think there is nothing you can do to make the background noise softer and less annoying, the speech more intelligible, and the whole experience more enjoyable. You are right, you cannot. However, technology can. Alango Technologies is introducing a revolutionary Sound Effect Normalization technology or, simply, SEN. Activate SEN technology on your device and enjoy listening again, as before, as it should be: the proper mix of music, sound effects, and spoken dialogue.

Sep.7, 2012

The clip shows real time demo of Alango Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM) technology for mobile handsets. Performance in close-talk (handset) and far-talk (video call, speech recognition) modes is demonstrated. The demo setup is available for potential customers for evaluation upon request.

Aug.28, 2012

The clip shows performance of Alango proprietary, far field 3 microphone array technology for tablets. Performance in communication and movie taking modes is shown. All sounds are recorded live from the DSP box. This demo is available for potential customers upon request.

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