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Tirat Carmel office:
DSP algorithms group manager for DSP algorithms and software development
Marketing manager/ coordinator
Russian office:
Cпециалист в области обработки сигналов
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DSP algorithms group manager for DSP algorithms and software development
1.   Deep knowledge in algorithms of front-end voice signal processing:
      a.  Microphone beamforming
      b.  Acoustic echo cancellation
      c.  Noise suppression
2.   Practical experience in embedded DSP software:
      a.  Floating point implementation
      b.  Fixed point implementation
3.   Good understanding of embedded DSP/MCU platforms and their applicability to acoustic signal processing tasks;
4.   Management skills.
1.   Knowledge in psychoacoustics;
2.   Knowledge in audio digital signal processing;
3.   Understanding of signal processing challenges in mobile, automotive and other areas;
4.   Experience in audiology, hearing aids or assistive listening devices;
5.   Experience/knowledge in Bluetooth communication.
Job responsibilities:
1.   Managing the international algorithm development team;
2.   Participation in the strategic company technical development planning.


Marketing manager/ coordinator
1.   Experience in marketing and presales;
2.   Good understanding of digital audio and specifics of voice communication;
3.   English, Hebrew - high level (speaking, writing);
4.   Ability to travel abroad several times a year;
5.   Excellent interpersonal relationships;
6.   Creativity.
1.   Understanding of software engineering;
2.   3rd language communication capabilities;
3.   Experience in audio recording;
4.   Experience in preparation of marketing video clips;
5.   Experience in crowdfunding.
Job responsibilities:
1.   Preparation of marketing materials (presentations, flyers, etc.);
2.   Preparation of Presentations for potential customers;
3.   Content preparation and management of Alango NEW website (, and new ones);
4.   Ideas, scenarios and supervision of promotional video clips
      (see an example here;
5.   Leading person for crowdfunding for Alango products;
6.   Responsivity for participation in international exhibitions (CES, MWC, AudiologyNow, etc.).


Cпециалист в области обработки сигналов
Требования к кандидату:
1.   Опыт платформо-зависимой и/или алгоритмической оптимизации;
2.   Опыт участия в разработке программ, связанных с цифровой обработкой сигналов;
3.   Опыт программирования на ассемблере;
4.   Знания в области цифровой обработки сигналов (FFT, DCT, LPC, RLC, Huffman coding, фильтры, вейвлеты и т. д.);
5.   Знание одной из DSP или RISC платформ;
6.   Технический английский (оформление отчетов, документации, чтение спецификаций).


Contacts for sending CV
Fax: + 972 (4) 858 0621
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