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Audio Enhancement

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Music is not always composed for mobile phones, portable speakers, earbuds or listening in a car on a highway…

MuRefiner™ (Music Refiner) is a set of integrated DSP technologies for music and entertainment applications enhancing the audio experience of the user. MuRefiner™ allows the user to alleviate the drawbacks of her or his device or listening environment and enjoy the audio content to the maximal possible extent.

The full package includes the following components:

Stereo Normalizer Improves perceived stereo effect by dynamically optimizing (widening or narrowing) stereo image according to user preferences, listening environment and the audio signal. The audio content is analyzed in real time automatically increasing stereo depth of “flat” recordings and conversely narrowing excessively wide stereo providing equally pleasant music listening with loudspeakers or headphones.
Spectral Compander Adds details and brightness to the sound by reducing short-time spectral variance. Weak frequency regions are dynamically amplified increasing perceived brightness of audio while even small nuances and passages are preserved and emphasized.
Bass Corrector Creates deeper, richer sound by boosting up the bass line and simultaneously performing bass limitation preventing sound from saturating and overloading the speaker and power amplifier.
AVQ-Me™ Automatic Volume and eQualization for Music Enhancement amplifies and equalizes sound according to the ambient noise characteristics providing equal perceptual loudness, intelligibility and sound coloration in conditions where noise level and spectrum are changing dynamically.
Loudspeaker Correction Correction of loudspeaker amplitude and phase responses for the reproduction of natural sound.


Audio Examples

This page is under construction. Audio examples can be found here:


Sources of stereo music including mobile phones, headphones, automotive audio systems, and Bluetooth speakers.

Additional Information

Download Alango MuRefiner v1.2

MuRefiner Installation Guide (PDF)

MuRefiner WinAMP DSP plugin help (PDF)

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