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Basic Information
Automotive Solutions
Mobile Solutions
Hearing Solutions
Voice Enhancement Technologies
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Basic Information

Alango Technologies Company Presentation

Founded in 2002 with more than 30 million of products (licenses) on the market, Alango Technologies is an example of a successful technological company...

DSP Voice and Audio Technologies for Products Based on CSR ICs

Automotive Solutions

Alango Automotive Portfolio

Front End DSP Audio Technologies for In-Car Applications

Engine, road, wind and rain noises varying fast in amplitude and spectrum mask sounds inside a car. Sound reflections from hard surfaces (windows, dashboard) generate strong acoustic echo with long echo tail...

Sound Reinforcement Package

SRP is a voice reinforcement system allowing people inside the same vehicle to communicate with each other conveniently and safely...

Automotive Roadmap 2016

Roadmap 2016

DELTA Microphone Configuration

Alango patent pending solution for user controlled directivity...

Mobile Solutions

Mobile VCP

Mobile VCP - Integrated package of all pre/post voice processing technologies for mobile сommunication...

Hearing Solutions

Hearing, Hearables & Hearing Health

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexander Goldin at Global Device Summit (MWC 2018, Shanghai).

HLAA 2017: Hearables as Personal Hearing Products

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexander Goldin at Hearing Loss Association of America Convention in June 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah.

HearPhones™ RD Concept

HearPhones™ - software development kit for a Bluetooth headset with hearing enhancement and assistive listening capabilities...


PersonaSound™ optimizes generic voice or audio for your auditory system, your device, and your current location...

Hearing SALT

Hearing SALT - "Army knife" for hearing impaired. PersonaSound™, HearPhones™ and much more…

Voice Enhancement Technologies

Voice Enhancement Package, KWR improvement and comparisons

This report summarizes VEP tests as well as comparisons with Amazon Echo2 and Synaptics 4-microphone development kit. Please, contact us for the full version with embedded sound examples.

Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM) leaflet

Adaptive Dual Microphone (ADM) is a digital signal processing technology creating a directional or noise-canceling microphone using just two omnidirectional microphones...

Automatic Volume and Equalization Control (AVQ) leaflet

Automatic Volume and Equalization Control (AVQ) technology amplifies and equalizes sounds according to ambient noise characteristics in both amplitude and frequency. Alango offers a sister technology called AVQ-Me™, which is for Music and Entertainment...

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) leaflet

When part of the signal in duplex (simultaneous two-way) communication returns back to the source it is called “echo”. Even small echo may be very annoying and disrupting due to a significant roundtrip delay in long distance analog and almost all digital communication systems...


Voice Communication Package (VCP) leaflet

VCP is a universal software package of digital signal processing technologies for voice applications enabling high quality, full duplex, noise free communication from various environments...

Kalimba Voice Communication Package for BlueCore Multimedia

Kalimba Voice Communication Package (K-VCP) combines Alango proprietary digital signal processing technologies for Kalimba DSP. K-VCP software solution enhances the voice quality of Bluetooth accessory devices such as headsets, hands-free car kits, VoIP telephones, speakerphones, etc...

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