Auto VCP
Digital Voice Enhancement Technologies
for Automotive Applications
Sound Reinforcement Technology
for In-Car Voice Communication
Digital Sound Personalization
for Mobile Devices
Mobile VCP
Ultimate Noise Reduction and Voice Enhancement for Smartphones
You’ll find Alango’s DSP algorithms and software in many applications and products that require enhancements of voice intelligibility, speech recognition, user hearing, and audio perception...
Alango Technologies has developed the most extensive portfolio of front-end speech processing technologies on the market. ...
About us
Millions of communication products in the field utilize Alango’s DSP processing software.
Alango’s technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience...
News & Events
Meet us at International CES 2022!
January 5-8. Las Vegas, NV. BOOTH #8462, LVCC North Hall, Health & Wellness. Come HEAR Alango and experience our latest sound enhancement technologies...
What's new
Company News
Nov.22, 2021

The newly released Alango BeHear SMARTO has won the 2021 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ in the Personal Listening Device...

Press Releases
Jul.1, 2021

Enabling rapid development of high-performance, multi-mic voice conferencing solutions. . . (read more)

Press Releases
Jun.30, 2021

A set of software technologies for full-featured, customer-fit hearing personalization and amplification. . . (read more)

Press Releases
May.4, 2021

OnlyVoice is our latest addition to the set of technologies available on QCC514X. . . (read more)

Mar.17, 2021

Learn about VoiceDefender and eVCP on the i.MX RT600 MCU.

Feb.16, 2021

Watch now: TWS Voice Enhancement w/ Bone Conduction Sensors using Alango OnlyVoice

Feb.11, 2021

In this webinar, you will. . .
•  Learn about OnlyVoice
•  Hear a live demo
•  and more...

Company News
Jan.20, 2021

Read the January newsletter here.

Jan.14, 2021

Download the latest release of EasyWatch Player here.

Jan.11, 2021

Let’s meet during virtual CES 2021 to discuss how we can help you deliver a superb VOICE, AUDIO, or HEARING experience to your customers! Click here to schedule a virtual meeting.

Oct.6, 2020

The ability to make clear, noise-free voice calls from any environment is no longer seen as a “nice to have” feature...

Aug.12, 2020

Watch this demo video, then try EasyWatch yourself with the EasyWatch Player (free demo software)

Company News
Jul.19, 2020

Easywatch is a technology that personalizes the TV watching experience to enhance intelligibility of dialogue: the video is slowed to match the pace of the audio, maintaining synchronization of the audio and video streams.

Company News
Jun.29, 2020

Developed for distributed-mic/multi-zone systems such as automotive hands-free systems, multi-mic speakerphones, and...

May.12, 2020

Watch as we demonstrate two-way, simultaneous in car communication with Alango's Sound Reinforcement Package.

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