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Car Intercom

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Automotive OEM’s are interested in advanced features. Especially features that have an underlying improvement in safety and convenience.

Alango’s Sound Reinforcement Package (SRP) enables in-car voice communication from the driver to the rear passengers without the driver needing to raise her voice or turn around and face the passengers.


The drivers voice is actually played through the rear speakers. This is achieved with Alango’s intercom software package, which incorporates feedback cancellation and noise reduction. Since the driver can communicate naturally while keeping his eyes on the road it is a definite value in safety and convenience.

Block Diagram



Acoustic Feedback Cancellation (AFC) Attempts to simulate the acoustic path between the speaker and microphone thus predicting the feedback signal and subtracting the prediction from the microphone signal.
Noise Suppressor (NS) Reduces car cabin noise in the microphone and loudspeaker signals. Alango fine resolution NS allows up to 24dB noise suppression without introducing noticeable voice distortion.
Acoustic Feedback Reduction Acoustic Feedback Reduction detects and reduces feedback and additionally assists AFC to operate properly.  It is based on frequency scaling and adaptive notch filtering.
Automatic Volume & Equalization (AVQ) Automatically modifies the system amplification and frequency equalizer to compensate for changing ambient noise strength and spectrum.



Flexible implementation and optimal usage of available resources. 

Portable to all major computational platforms. 

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