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Launched in 2018, BeHear® is a line of concept products from Alango Technologies, offering customizable hearing enhancement and sound personalization on a range of Bluetooth hearables. It leverages Alango's Hearing Enhancement Package, a licensable software suite that offers consumer-tested, field-proven personalized hearing amplification technology to power the coming wave of hearable devices.

With BeHear, everyone - even those with mild to moderate hearing loss - can enjoy a completely personalized listening and hearing experience. Important ambient sounds, peoples’ voices, and sounds from all audio sources are amplified, enhanced and adapted to suit individual hearing preferences and capabilities.

Product Functions
BeHear NOW is an assistive hearing product that combines the functionality of a:
  • Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playback
  • Assistive hearing device enhancing all-around hearing and speech intelligibility
  • Digital hearing aid for personalized sound amplification for varying frequencies
BeHear utilizes voice processing technologies developed by Alango Technologies, Ltd., such as:
  • ListenThrough™ passes through important ambient sounds during music playback
  • EasyListen™ slows down speech rate during phone conversations
  • Personal Sound Amplifier provides dynamic, compressed amplification of ambient sounds
  • Hearing enhancement functions include noise reduction, echo cancellation and more
While most of the product functions (activate/deactivate personal hearing mode, activate/deactivate ListenThrough feature, volume control, accept/reject/end phone calls, play/pause audio) can be controlled via the headset, BeHear also includes an application for smartphones or tablets, called W&H BeHear. In addition to controlling the product functions mentioned above, this application also supports:
  • A personal hearing test for automatic adjustment of the sound in each of the operational modes – ambient hearing, phone calls, and audio play – to suit the capabilities and preferences of the wearer
  • Fine tuning the sound in real time for various hearing environments – Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd or Live Music
  • Management of assistive listening functions during phone calls and media playback
  • Various device settings, including default mode behavior, vibration alerts, and more

For more information about BeHear and other assistive hearing products in Alango’s BeHear line, visit www.WearAndHear.com.

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