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Alango at CES2018
Feb.12, 2018
Posted by Robert Schrager

CES is a big show. The venue spans over eleven “official” venues and – who knows how many – unofficial outboarding venues.  It’s impossible to see it all.  A wise visitor will plan where they’ll go.  I’m a homebody so I tended to just stick around the Alango booth.

I’m always amazed at the volume of free giveaways. The swag includes bags, backpacks, pens, hats, universal chargers, shirts, and the amazing travel mugs that keep cold things cold and hot things hot (but how does the mug know!?).  For those interested in these items you can attend the Promotional Products Association International Expo, which takes place at Mandalay Bay right after CES.  That’s right, you can do two tradeshows back-back – CES then PPAI.  I never attended but I’d bet the PPAI swag is the tops.

I know all of us Alango folks had a wonderful time at CES2018.  We were especially grateful for the many visitors; connecting with old and new friends; and talking about what we have been up to the past year.  And what have we been up to the past year? Well, quite a bit! This year we exhibited in the Smart Home section on the second floor of the Sands Expo. Our smart home demos included ASR preprocessing for smart speakers and voice activated TV as well as audio post processing and sound effects normalization. We also showed our audio accessories solutions and our BeHear concept product.  Additionally, it was the first ever demo of our in-car intercom technology.

For those unable to attend we have included some pictures below. See you at CES2019!



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